Fresh Wings, Never Frozen

Fresh Traditional Bone-in Wings

    Organic; Free Range Chicken

6 pk $7.25

12 pk $12.50

18 pk $18.50

24 pk $24.25

30 pk $30.25

36 pk $36.50

Crazy Train  50 pk $48.50

Rock N Roll Train 100 pk $94.00

Bird Bites
Small $7.25
Regular $10.50


Family Meal $49.50
30 wingz, Reg.Birdbite, Coleslaw & LG Styx or Curly.

Party Pack $68.50
50 wingz, Reg.Birdbite, Coleslaw & LG Styx or Curly.


Bottled Sauces 12 oz. $10.00


Venice, USA.
Garlic & Parmesan.

Honey, Honey BBQ
A sweet southern favorite.

Brown Sugar Teri-Rocki
Brown Sugar never tasted so good!

Freebird BBQ
A Southern BBQ with a little Pepper.

Sgt. Pepper 
A Lemon & Pepper Dry rub


Classic Rock 
AKA- Original Wing Sauce!

Jammin Jerk
We’re jamming to a unique paradise of island flavors.

Sweet Emotion
The Honey is sweet & the Chipotle brings the emotion.

Asian Twist
A true Ying & Yang combo
of sweet/spicy.

Wild Garlic
A garlic lovers dream with traditional flavors & perfect heat.

Superfly Thai
Fresh cilantro and peanut sauce.


Cruizin to the heat of cilantro & lime.

Firebird BBQ
A Southern BBQ infused with Habanero .

This one is explosive.

Kissin Dynamite 
Try at your own risk!!!




Big Boy Wrap  $10.95
Large flour tortilla with our Bird Bites tossed in your choice
of sauces with shredded cabbage & house ranch .

Baby Wrap  $5.75 ( Same as the Big Boy, just cuter. )

Cherry Bomb  $6.50
Our Lettuce wedge Smothered with Barracuda sauce,bacon bits,red onion and cherry tomatoes.

Jumbo Fry Wrap  $5.75
Hand cut Styx, bacon, pepperjack cheese & house ranch




The Fender Garlic Parmesan Fry Reg $6 LG $8

Styx, Garlic Oil, Parsley, SO GOOD!

Cheddar Bomb Cheese Fry Reg $6 LG $9

Cheddar Cheese & BACON 🙂

Jungle Fry  Reg. $6.00 Lg. 9.00
Styx, Pepperjack cheese, Bacon, Ranch & Green Onion.

Jalapeno Rockers  $5.00
Our version of the popper.

Dilly Coins  $7.50
Hand breaded pickle chips.



Styx –  American Fries $4.95/ Reg $3
Curly Styx  $6.50/ $3
Good & Ready Slaw  $4.95/ Reg $3


Cool Kidz Venue – $6.50

3 Bone In Wings, 7 Bird Bites

Choice of side & drink


Oak Shire Amber Ale
Forte George Vortex IPA
Pelican Umbrella IPA
Ace Pineapple Cider


Coca Cola Products
Iced Tea